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1st Annual Community Day

Bridging The Gap Transportation, LLC presented its 1st Annual Community Day  in June 2015. Over 450 supporters came out to support the Community Day Event. During the Community Day Event families were provided with resources to help cope with the incarceration of their loved ones.

OG-Law presented “Jail is 4 Suckas” where he preached to the children the importance of education and staying out of prison. He captured the children’s attention with his on-site demonstration of the “Only Jail Cell On Wheels.” The Children had the opportunity to get in the jail cell and experience what it feels like to be in prison. After the experience, the children expressed how uncomfortable and sad they were while imprisoned. The children vowed to stay away from situations and activities that could lead to incarceration. Overall, it was a valuable life lesson for the children.

The Community Day atmosphere felt as if it was a “Big Family Reunion.” From bouncing in the moon bouncy to dancing in the dance contests to even having serious discussions about dealing with incarceration the children were ecstatic with all the activities.

Bridging The Gap Transportation, LLC is a service where everyone is treated like family!!!


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