Our staff strives for stellar customer service and excellence in programming for families impacted by incarceration. We do our best to offer an amazing experience with Bridging The Gap Transportation, LLC and here are the real experiences we’ve heard from our supporters.


The best van service
Sunday, was my first time riding with them. They were professional, on time and overall good experience... Thanks for getting me to my loved one..Appreciate it. I'll be riding with them all the time!! Krystal wad a sweetheart...
Great Customer Service
The customer service is beyond excellent and they provide a safe, comfortable trip each and every time. I've been on ten trips so far and enjoyed their reliable transportation.
Great Experience
I love the fact that you are door to door and you work with those of us with children who really can't afford to pay the full price for our children to see their fathers. Overall I love the fact that each ride has always been a good experience.
Seem Like Family!
They're so nice, neat, and reliable and how everyone is so respectful and even tho we don’t know each other when we enter the van but by the time we half way to our distance we all know each other and seem like a family!!! Thank you I really appreciate you guys.
I Love Them!
I love the family environment. I love that the staff are always friendly and professional and accommodating. I love bridging the gap best van service I've ever rode with.
The owners have a very strong family bond, and very caring people
The owners have a very strong family bond, and very caring people. Last but not least they have the understanding that the ties that bond us have too be stronger then those that can tear us apart. This is the character of BTGT. So my rating really there is no chart that rate them the scale is to high. The for the service that I receive. Hakeemah1